Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University

Tbilisi Humanities Teaching University is one of the first private higher education institutions in Georgia, which was founded in 1992. Based on the license issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Georgia, the University was allowed to implement higher education programs in the following specialties: History, Museum Affairs and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments, Journalism, Georgian Language and Literature, Law, Foreign Languages ​​and Arts.

Since 2002, the University has been officially named as a Limited Liability Company – Tbilisi Humanitarian University (hereinafter – THU), which with the permission of the Ministry of Education of Georgia implemented higher education programs in the following specialties: Finance and Credit, Management, International Economic Relations, Accounting, Control and Audit .

 In 2002-2010, Tbilisi Humanitarian University implemented educational programs at all three levels of higher education, but later, in accordance with the legislative innovations included in the Georgian legislation on the status of universities, the university clarified its status, became a teaching university and aimed at undergraduate, graduate Realization. Studies are held at the university in Georgian, English and Russian.

 Since the establishment of THU, the University has had a Faculty of Law, a Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, a Faculty of Humanities, and since 2009 a Faculty of Health.In 2008-2013, THU carried out educational activities in accordance with the decision N36 / s of the Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institutions of December 3, 2008 on the granting of institutional accreditation and the decision N131 of August 12, 2011 of the Board of Authorization of Educational Institutions.

 On October 10, 2013, based on the decision # 23 of the Board of Authorization of Higher Education Institutions, Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University Ltd was granted authorization for a period of 5 years from December 3, 2013.

According to the first paragraph of Article 322 of the Law of Georgia on Quality Development of Education, the 5-year term of authorization was extended for 1 year for the higher education institution whose decision to authorize was made in 2011-2015.Thus, 2019 is a year of significant challenges for the University, as the terms of the Strategic Development Plan for 2013-2018 have expired and the University must develop a Strategic Development Plan for 2019-2025, as well as prepare for the authorization process, meet updated authorization standards and receive Authorized University status..

Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is relatively small, teaching about 500 students on average. The university accepts applications from foreign students. The education is conducted by 50 teachers and professors.

The university has a dedicated library. Sports facilities can be a bonus for some students applying to Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University.

Address – 0144, Tbilisi, Beri Gabriel Salosi Avenue №31